Best Blender for Gerson Therapy

by admin on October 29, 2011

Hey all after a LOT of research I finally got a blender. I feel its the best blender out for raw food. I watched a video by Matt from The two competing blenders that you might want to consider for gerson therapy are a blendtec and a vitamix. He put the same two raw vegetables in both blenders side by side and started them. The vitamix turned the vegetables brown because it super heated them and made them rancid thus killing any beneficial enzymes etc. The blendtec left everything nice and green. Something about how the blades in the blendtec are engineered.

Anyway that convinced me. The blendtec arrived and I use it several times a day and its amazing. Tip: get the one with the big canister, called wildside, little more money but its way better and easier to clean. If I get really crazy I might shoot a video with my iphone and post it here.

Here is a pic of the newest addition to my kitchen, I love this thing!


Blendtec blender Wildside

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