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The Gerson Therapy is an alternative diet therapy which some use to treat cancer. Gerson Therapy was originally used for migraines and tuberculosis. Gerson therapy centers around the belief that the body contains toxic elements and that these toxic elements cause disease, particularly cancer. The Gerson Therapy is thought to reactivate your body’s ability to heal itself and boost the immune system. It follows that eliminating toxic disease causing elements should get rid of the disease. Contaminants in food lower potassium levels and raise sodium levels. This metabolic imbalance is thought to cause cancer. This may very well be true, as far as the cause is concerned, however the diet recommended by the Gerson Therapy may NOT be the correct way to fix this imbalance. Instead, DCA might be a better choice.

Watch This Short News Video About DCA

Gerson Therapy Dietary Components

The Gerson Therapy recommends a vegetarian diet, particularly, organically grown vegetables. Gerson also recommends drinking a glass of raw vegetable juice every hour for 13 hours. The juice must be made from fresh organic vegetables. This juicing requirement alone requires about 12 pounds of vegetable a DAY. This is quite expensive. Animal fats, excess protien, salt and other toxins are to be avoided (this is of course always good advice.)

Gerson Therapy and Cancer

The Gerson Therapy diet infuses your body with a large dose of enzymes and nutrients in the hope of breaking down diseased tissue. With cancer patients this may not be the case. Recent thinking suggests that cancer cells are normal cells where the mitochondria are ‘broken’. The mitochondria are responsible for making energy for the cell and also for cell death. In cancer cells the mitochondria does not tell cells to die when they are supposed to. Cell death is part of the healthy growth and renewal process of the body. These ‘broken’ cells become immortal and start multiplying, hence you have cancer spreading. An old compound called DCA (sodium dichloroacetate) was discovered in 2007 at the University of Alberta to reactivate the mitochondria. When this happens the diseased (cancerous) cell dies off and is replaced by a new healthy (cancer free) cell. In this manner cancerous tumors shrink. The video above explains this. The study documented how tumors shrunk by as much as 70% in only 3 weeks.

What is DCA?

DCA is produced during water chlorination. Chemically it is very similar to vinegar.  It has been used for over 30 years in medicine to treat serious metabolic conditions such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and congenital lactic acidosis in children. The underlying mechanisms of DCA are well researched over several decades in children, adults, and animals. DCA is usually well tolerated. Dosages range between 10-25 mg/Kg of body weight. Peripheral neuropathy (tingling in the finger tips and toes) occassionally happens after long use. Neuropathy is not caused by DCA itself, rather it is caused by thiamine (vitamine B1) deficiency as DCA uses up the bodys supply of thiamine. This is preventable by taking 750 mg of vitamin B1 daily. PureDCA is an odourless, white powder that disappears when put in water. It is available in a pure pharmaceutical grade powder and in capsules. When using pure DCA powder it is simply mixed in room temperature water and consumed. Pure DCA is alwo available in capsule form. Most people only have to take 2-3 capsules per day. Positive results have been reported in as little as 4 days.

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12 thoughts on “Gerson Therapy”

  1. It’s so obvious that this site was made by a conventional medicine proponent, probably a pharmaceutical company or its best friend the FDA. Reading this will make you get cancer…

  2. The only thing that is obvious is that you did not watch the video. If you did you would see that DCA can not be patented and therefore big pharma will never touch it.

  3. i am trying to look at alternative cancer cures as objectively as i can, however, as you can imagine th
    is is rather difficult to do when one has been recently diagnosed with cancer. would you tell more about DCA. where can i find it in England.

  4. hi have havse severe arthristis and recently had 3 injections of of synvics in the knee … did not help i was told to try some drug call symbalta ..and after reading the side effects…NoWay! i am now considering a double knee replacement .. but am trying everything else before i do this dca good for someone like me?

  5. My mom has a friends who’s realative who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for her cancer. Can she take DCA while on chemo ? Thanks for your advice!! :)

  6. Many patients around the world take DCA with chemotherapy – results indicate that DCA improves the results of chemotherapy (but DCA alone also works very well)

  7. Don’t knock it till you tried it. Carol, i’m on the same pg. I too have had the injections and considering
    knee replacement, I would like to know if this would work as well and if so how would you get it?

    Olga you need to do the research it does work and stop being so negative, I have a friend who is doing the therapy and is much better.

  8. DCA may help restore the potassium and sodium imbalance that causes cancer but it doesn’t address the toxic issue that causes the imbalance in the first place. I’m not saying that DCA won’t work or help, I’m simply pointing out that Gerson therapy goes after the root cause of the imbalance while DCA does not. The root cause may still need to be addressed for long term health even if DCA restores the imbalance temporarily. If DCA does work I think it would be a great option for people who are unable to do the Gerson Protocol because of lifestyle considerations.

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Gerson Therapy as An Alternative Cancer Therapy?